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What’s the difference between a sweet potato and a yam?

Honestly, it depends on who you ask.

Botanists, archeologists, geneticists and even linguists give different answers, because different vegetables have been called either sweet potatoes or yams at different times in history or in different parts of the world.

In the United States, it’s easier. “Sweet potato” is the broad category name, and yams are a type of sweet potato. (So all yams can also be called sweet potatoes, but not all sweet potatoes can be called yams.)

The difference is found inside the potato.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are yellow to cream-colored inside, drier than yams, with a mild, nutty taste. They make excellent alternatives to standard Irish potatoes, and can be a nice change of pace in recipes that traditionally call for yams. Varieties include Golden Sweets, Hanna Golds and O’Henrys.

Golden Sweet Potatoes – Light brown skins surround cream-colored insides in this mild, nutty sweet potato. Golden Sweets are perfect in casseroles and side dishes, or simply baked and served as you would an Irish potato.


A.V. Thomas Produce grows exotic sweet potatoes as well, varieties guaranteed to stand out however they are served.

Oriental/Japanese or Murasaki Sweet Potatoes – Dark purple outside and dry and white inside, this sweet potato, known as either an Oriental or Japanese Sweet, have a full, nutty flavor. They are an exotic alternative to traditional sweet potatoes, and an eye-opening alternative to Irish potatoes.




Yams are moist and sweet and orange when you cut into them. Orange yam varieties include Covingtons, Jewels and Bienvilles, as well as the most popular yam in the nation, the Beauregard.

Beauregard Yams

The Beauregard is bright orange inside, copper-colored outside, and moist and sweet to taste. They are excellent for baking, roasting or in casseroles. When consumers think of a yam, they think of the Beauregard.

Red or Ruby Yams

Extra-moist and flavorful, with orange insides and a red-copper to plum-colored skin. Red yam varieties include the Diane, Maryland Red and Garnet.
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