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Nature's Pride 10-Lb. box
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As a leader in the sweet potato industry, our customers look to us for ways to increase the sale of sweet potatoes and yams. Based on the success of our 3-lb. and 5-lb. mesh bags along with continued requests from our buyers for new and innovative ways to market our products, A.V. Thomas Produce has developed a NEW 10-lb. consumer box.

Nature's Pride, with an attractive label, includes cooking tips and nutritional facts printed in both English and French. With the ability to pack #1's or mediums in any variety – conventional or organic – the Nature's Pride 10-lb. box is an excellent asset to marketing. In addition, Nature's Price UPC coding for all sizes and varieties is available for easy check-out!



The 3-lb. bags are available in Beauregard, Garnet and Sweets varieties.

Sweet potato 3-lb. bags

Bag labels


Label Shipped 40-Lb. Cartons
Variety: #1 Hannah
No. 1 Hannah 40-Lb. box
Variety: #1 Jewel
No. 1 Jewel 40-Lb. box
Variety: #1 Beauregard
No. 1 Beauregard 40-Lb. box
Variety: #1 Oriental
No. 1 Oriental 40-Lb. box
Variety: #1 Garnet
No. 1 Garnet 40-Lb. box
Variety: #1 Red
No. 1 Red 40-Lb. box
Variety: Jumbo Garnet
Jumbo Garnet 40-Lb. box
Variety: Jumbo
Sweets / Oriental
Jumbo Sweets/Oriental 40-Lb. box
Variety: Jumbo
Jewel / Beauregard
Jumbo Jewel/Beauregard 40-Lb. box
Variety: Medium Garnet
Medium Garnet 40-Lb. box
Variety: Medium
Sweet / Oriental
Medium Sweet/Oriental 40-Lb. box
Variety: Medium
Jewel / Beauregard
Medium Jewel/Beauregard 40-Lb. box
All varieties All sizes
Sweetie Pie all varieties & sizes box
All varieties All sizes
Sweetie Pie all varieties & sizes box
All varieties #1
Royal Flush box

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